Using glass to expand your space

Top 10 Best Painting contractors - Best Painting Forums - Nothing opens a room like floor-to-ceiling glass windows and skylights. Being able to see the sky from an interior space can visually double or even triple the apparent size of a small room. ..More

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Types of safety glass

Local master Painting companies - Service Call Forums - The film is usually made from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyvinyl butyral. Laminated glass. Laminated glass also has UV-blocking and sound-insulating qualities. Laminated glass, which was initially developed more than 100 years ago, is a layered type of safety glass, and incorporates a vinyl film between the glass layers that holds the glass together in the event the glass is shattered. . Laminated glass is used in windshields, glass doors and windows, buildings where hurricane resistance is required, skylights and in other places where shattered or flying glass would pose a serious danger to people ..More

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Transporting glass safely over long distances

Listings Of Painting technicians - Ask And Expert - Forum Pages - Transporting glass over long distances or in bulk requires specialized equipment inside a truck. Breakage is always a major concern, since it can range anywhere from 0. . . Packaging makes all the difference in the world. Clever approaches to transporting glass can increase the amount of glass that can be transported in a single load, reduce the losses during transport, and reduce the effort required to move glass from place to place. 5% to a whopping 40%!. Great packaging means few losses ..More

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Gorilla glass: What is it?!

10 Best reputed master Painting companies - Let's Talk - Forum Pages - So, Corning introduced Apple to Chemcor glass. By 2008, the new, thin and almost scratchless “Gorilla glass” formulation was in production, and now sells at a rate of more than $1B per year. Ten years later, electronics manufacturers –most noticeably Apple – began to develop iPads and iPods- all with glass covers that were prone to breakage. The old Chemcor formulation produced glass that was too thick for the handheld devices we all know and love, but Corning began tinkering with the old Chemcor formula, and the rest is history. But while “Gorilla glass” may have fallen out of vogue, it wasn’t forgotten. ..More

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Architectural glass and Glassprimer™ glass paint

Locate Nearby Painting contractors - Home Contractor Forums - Because of its nature, glass doesn’t typically take paint or other coatings very well. This limits your ability to modify the glass. . In some cases, it may be desirable to treat the glass to improve its performance, create additional privacy or even improve the energy efficiency of a space. ..More

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