Interior glass doors

Search and locate Painting contractors - Blogs On Diagnosis & Repair - Prior to the Great Depression, glass was one of the materials commonly used in residential decorating. . Glass doors are commonly used in offices and retail spaces, but they’ve only recently made their grand return to residential decorating. The poor economy of the 1930’s followed by material shortages in the 1940’s effectively reduced the use of glass in residential decorating in favor of simpler, more easily mass-produced materials ..More

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Transporting glass safely over long distances

Popular licensed Painting contractors - Guide & Tips On - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - By minimizing the distance needed to transport glass to major markets, glass manufacturers can reduce losses and simplify the process of transporting glass. . One way in which glass fabricators minimize the dangers involved in transporting glass is by regionalizing glass production. Nearly 50 major glass manufacturers in the US operate about 100 fabricating facilities for plate glass production ..More

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Some pretty neat glass bridges

List Of commercial Painting contractors - Repair Repairman - Forum Pages - If you don’t typically think of glass as being a good material for bridges, you’re not thinking creatively enough! An all-glass suspension bridge opened last year in China. The Haohan Qiao (Brave Men’s Bridge) is a 900-foot span between two cliffs in the Shiniuzai National Geological Park in Hunan Province. It’s expected to open to tourists in 2016. A well-constructed bridge is an engineering marvel, and many creative and awe-inspiring bridge designs are in use around the world today. The bridge is suspended 600 feet in the air. A second glass bridge – this one 1,200 feet long and 1,300 feet in the air (120 stories high) – is under construction in the Zhangjiajie National Forest. If you love the idea of walking on glass suspended 55 stories in the air, then you should consider planning a trip to China. ..More

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Glass strength could be doubled

Locate Nearby handyman contractors - Faq's - Diagnosis & Repair - When glass is in its liquid form, the molecules in it have a random arrangement – the same as any other liquid. When glass solidifies, the molecules “harden” in this same random arrangement, unlike other solids, which usually have a more organized, crystalline pattern. We think of glass as a solid because we usually encounter it in its solid form, but during production, glass is very much liquid. This lack of an organized structure at the molecular level changes the strength of glass and explains why glass shatters and cracks randomly when it breaks. If glass molecules could be ordered when glass changes from a liquid to a solid state, the strength of the glass could be significantly improved. ..More

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Architectural glass and Glassprimer™ glass paint

Best Local residential Painting contractors - Repair & Service Forums - Glassprimer™ can help improve the overall energy efficiency of building windows. It also offers an option for decorating or improving architectural glass used in building interiors. Glassprimer™ glass paint reflects UV light, which reduces the amount of trapped heat in buildings in the summer, and allows the glass to better reduce heat losses in the winter. ..More

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